Pigs 'N Fords meet at the Tillamook fair.

Pigs 'N Fords have been a 73-year tradition in Tillamook, Oregon. The unusual race consists of 10 stripped-down Model T Fords with 16-18 drivers, 10 mixed breed pigs, weighing 30-35 pounds and a large crowd of spectators. The drivers start the race by running to the pigpens, grabbing a pig, returning to the car, crank-starting it, racing around the track, stopping and exchanging the pig and starting the process again for a total of three laps. The winner gets a trophy and his picture on the front page of the local newspaper.


The pigs are loaded in holding pens.

The drivers head to the starting line.

A driver removes a pig from the pen.

With pigs underarm, the drivers start their cars.

Drivers finish the first lap and exchange their pigs.

Rick Hurliman wins the race.

Hurliman takes a victory lap with Tillamook Dairy Princess Jill Hajny.

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