Old Photos from the Kodak DC 120

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A Portland resident sets up house on a billboard in protest of the NBA lockout.

Carly checks out the Festival of Flowers.

Mark Blundell is the winner of the Budweiser-GI Joe's 200 in Portland, Oregon.

Mark Blundell hugs his dad, Denny, after winning his first Indy car race.

Indy cars round turn nine during the Budweiser-GI Joe's 200.

Los Angeles Lakers's Shaquille O'Neal is surrounded by reporters

Shaquille O'Neil gets his knee checked out before the game.

Bill Schoneley interviews Portland Trail Blazers' Chris Dudley


A peacock struts his stuff.

Former Trail Blazer Bill Walton speaks to crowd at the Rose Garden.

A squirrel has lunch at Laurelhurst Park.

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