Stephanie Pierce and her 24 hour Church of Elvis

Looking to get married or just looking for somthing wierd? Try the 24 Hour Church of Elvis. For five bucks you can get a "cheap, but not legal wedding" or for $25.00 (plus state license) you can get the real thing. For those not willing to take the plunge you can tour the Church and see authentic relics such as the face of elvis on a tortilia chip. If you show up on the anniversary of Elvis's death you will have the honor of seeing the Dead Elvis Parade. All this can be seen at 720 S.W. Ankeny in beautiful downtown Portland, Oregon.

Follow this sign to ????

A small display of wedding garb awaits visitors outside the Church of Elvis.

Stephanie Pierce in front of her 24 Hour Church of Elvis.

Participants of the parade organize.

The 8th annual Dead Elvis Parade moves through downtown Portland.

The dead Elvis is awakened .

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